Visualizing Colorado Campaign Finance

A live dashboard of Colorado campaign finance information.

Map shows total donations (2012) - darker counties have larger donations. Click on the map for more information.

Contributions by Committee Type

Hover over the chart for more information. Data represent the sum of all contributions by committee type in 2012.

Largest Individual Contribution


Visualizing Colorado Campaign Finance is provided by BalancedCommunity, a Colorado organization specializing in innovative tools and processes that enhance data collection, analysis and visualization. If you have questions or comments regarding this dashboard, please don't hesitate to send a note.

Data on this site is from the TRACER system. It is updated nightly and all charts and tables reflect these updates. TRACER stands for Transparency in Contribution and Expenditure Reporting. It is the Secretary of State’s online campaign finance filing system. All committees registered with the Secretary of State must report contributions and expenditures using the online TRACER system.

The name and address of any person contributing $20 or more to a candidate, committee, or political party must be disclosed. In addition to name and address, the occupation and employer for persons contributing $100 or more must also be disclosed. The amount, plus the name and address of the payee, must be reported for expenditures of $20 or more.

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Average Contribution by Occupation

Data represents the average contribution for those reporting Occupations in 2012.

Map of the Top 400 Contributions (reported as of 9/16/12)

Latest Major Contributions

Donor Recipient Amount Date

Largest Recipients 2012

Recipient Amount

Latest Contributions

Donor Recipient Amount Date